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Demetria Zinga-How To Start a Blog Coaching for Mompreneurs


HI, I'm Demetria. Thanks for stopping by.

I started Elevate Your Blog to help busy solopreneurs and business moms make money blogging, and to motivate you with productivity tips. I want to bring you business clarity and support as you start a blog that fits your lifestyle and makes you money.

The reason I blog is for freedom and flexibility. All I ever wanted as a first-time mom back in 2003 was to stay home and raise my baby girl. I experienced a lot of mommy guilt being away from her for over 12 hours a day, and I wanted a job where I could tend to her needs and work from home. As a result, I ended up resigning from my 9-5 and jumped into graduate school part-time. But I still needed work and money, so while looking for work at home I started a business selling handmade soaps, and designed websites for small businesses.

While at home with my daughter, I earned my masters in Interactive Technology and grew a love for web design. However, I quickly found out that blogging was the best way to help my clients gain leverage in search engines. So, I turned my focus to helping them begin blogging (and podcasting) for ultimate results.

While helping my clients, I learned the ropes of online marketing and started practicing these blogging tips for my own blogs. But it wasn’t until I started my homeschool blog in 2012 that I began to really see tangible results. (You can read more about my entrepreneurial timeline over at my other blog.)

A decade and several blogs later, I’m now ready to share on this brand new blog what I’ve learned. I’ll share with you everything that’s helped me grow my past and present blogs to thousands of readers per month! (Not to mention that I’ve been able to see my income grow to 5-figures within one year - working very, very part-time at creating digital products and teaching what I love while raising my children.)

I’d love to show you what I’ve been doing to grow my blogs and what I’m currently doing to keep growing. Growth is ongoing with blogging! I never stop learning. And I'm guessing you are here because you want to learn to blog for an income also. I can't wait to help you with your blog!

(Speaking of growth, now my girls are all grown up- in college and high school! I’m super glad I took the blogging journey when I did!)


Demetria Zinga- Start a Blog Tips for Mompreneurs & Solopreneurs