Is it too late to start a blog?

It has been a while since I’ve updated my YouTube channel for Mompreneurs In Heels, so for 2019 I’ve decided to make a blogging comeback! If you’ve been wondering “Is it too late to start a blog?”, hopefully this post can help you see that jumping back is all you need to do get the needle moving in the right direction.

In this video, I am sharing with you guys my plans for the new year, and really just giving you the scoop on why I’ve been so torn and unable to focus this past year and a half and how I am planning to restart my blog with more clarity and focus.

So, is too late to start a blog?

Whether you are restarting (like I’ve done a few times) or you are starting from the beginning, it’s not too late. You just need to know a few tipsif you want to be successful with your blog here are a few tips to help you get a jumpstart.

Blog with a purpose.

A purpose is so important and is the juice that will keep you going. You need to have a mission and a purpose in order to get up earlier than everyone else and go to bed later. Bloggers who have a purpose show up and rock! You can always tell a floundering blogger from one who has a strategy. If you plan to succeed, you’ll need to figure out your purpose and your blogging passion, then shoot for it!

If you don’t already have goals, start creating them right away.

Is it too late to start a blog?

Pick a blogging niche and focus on it.

Knowing your niche is super important for having a strong blogging presence. Without knowing your target audience, it’s really difficult to focus on the right people and their needs.

Who is your niche? Who is your tribe? (Here’s a post about the best ways to find your tribe.)

Who do you serve? Why do you show up every week to blog? What’s in it for you, but more importantly, what’s in it for your reader? You’ll need to find a good blog topic that you love first.

Stay consistent and strong.

So, I posted a video all about mompreneurs staying consistent with our routines. This was back in 2015. Have I always stayed consistent?

The answer is: no.

But what I want you to see is that I’m not perfect and I fall off the POA (Plan of Action) from time to time as well. Life can get the best of us, right? We’re moms, we’re busy. I get it. Been there, done that.

But we have to get back up and keep going, and that’s where I want to encourage you. If you’ve asked yourself, “Is it too late to start a blog?”, then I hope you’ll realize that the world of blogging is open to you- whenever you’re ready for irt. When you’ve fallen off your POA (plan of action) and forgotten about your blogging efforts, you can always come back to it. Try again and don’t give up, my friend.

Mompreneurs remain consistent and strong, and when we fail to be consistent and realize we want to do better, we can always come back and remedy it. The opportunity is still there to fix our efforts. It’s not over yet unless you say it is.

Keep trying. Make a plan and stick to it. You can do this.

Stay connected.

Last, but not least, it’s so important to stay connected. We do this by keeping our lines of communication open with our customers. Keep in touch with your subscribers and let them know you are thinking of them. Give them loads of value as often and as much as possible.

I really do hope that these tips are helpful for you. Is it too late to start a blog? No, my friend. You can start brand new or start again whenever you like. It’s never too late.

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